Octoberfest Pub, Fulham

June 24, 2015

At Octoberfest Pub, Fulham

We provide you with Oktoberfest fun from mid January till Christmas. This makes us hosting the longest Oktoberfest in the UK, probably in the world.

We offer a huge selection of over 60 German beers, endless Oktoberfest fun and authentic Bavarian cuisine. Being supported by one of Munich's finest breweries, Paulaner, we import everything from our beer to our pork knuckles straight from the people who supply the Oktoberfest with with theirs.

Weekdays, we like to add a bit of an English flavour with great sports coverage on big screens, poker tournaments and pool. Besides our German food menu, we also offer some English pub favourites.

We cater to everything from corporate functions to birthday parties - and everything in between. Our live German Oompah bands really put on a show and standing on your chairs is actually encouraged!

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with all our events.

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Popular Oktoberfest food has long history of service behind it
Popular Oktoberfest food has long history of service behind it
Oktoberfest Germany
Oktoberfest Germany
History of Oktoberfest
History of Oktoberfest
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