Oktoberfest Centerpieces

July 15, 2015

How to Decorate for an

What is an Oktoberfest party without the right party decorations, decor and supplies? NOTHING! Do you want your Oktoberfest party to be the one each and every Frau and Franz is talking about? Find all of the German Oktoberfest party decorations and supplies you need for an authentic party experience right here and make your party truly fantastisch.

Hosting an Oktoberfest or German themed party? Feeling nostalgia for beer and pretzels? In trouble with your grandmother because your don't express enough interest in your German roots? You need decorations ASAP. That means its time to utilize our wide selection of authentic German style party decorations.

Pretzel stickers! German flags! Shiny centerpieces! Bavarian check flags and banquet rolls! Party Tape! Wall cut-outs reminiscent of your favorite German Foods! German style streamers, confetti, balloons and much much more!

Build your own Beer garden, make all your friends jealous by turning your home into a German party zone for the month of September and October, or even transform your driveway into an exclusive Bavarian parking lot. With our party decorations you can do it all!

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Source: www.oktoberfesthaus.com
Oktoberfest Bear Mountain NY 2012
Oktoberfest Bear Mountain NY 2012
Oktoberfest Bear Mountain
Oktoberfest Bear Mountain
Beer Time Baby Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain NY
Beer Time Baby Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain NY
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