Oktoberfest Germantown MD

January 20, 2017

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The Germantown Oktoberfest Committee has established the following regulations for every individual who participates in any way in the annual Germantown Oktoberfest.

  1. The Germantown Oktoberfest Committee (the Committee) will not permit any person or organization to solicit and/or distribute information or goods or to offer food, goods, or services for sale or entertain at the Oktoberfest unless a completed application to participate in the event has been filed with, and approved by the Committee. All fees are due at the time that the application is submitted.
  2. Applications are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. The Committee reserves the right to reject any application that is incomplete or where the proposed activity or the applicant’s conduct during the event will disrupt other exhibitors or the peaceful assembly of the attendees or damage or injure persons or property or is deemed inappropriate to the event or interferes with planned special events.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to have exhibitors or vendors remove unacceptable or inappropriate items and to relocate or dismiss any participant or selling activity.
  4. Pets (except service animals), skateboards, roller blades, bicycles or weapons are not allowed within the festival.
  5. Commercial or non-profit organizations applying for display space only can distribute information and free items, but are not allowed to sell items from their booth. They must remain within their assigned fixed area.
  6. Commercial or non-profit organizations applying for a space from which to sell items may only sell or give away items within their assigned fixed area.
  7. Any individual whose behavior is disruptive or a danger to other festival participants will be asked to leave and, in the event that such individual refuses, will be forcibly removed from the festival premises.
  8. Alcoholic beverages must be purchased and consumed within the bounds of the beer garden. The committee reserves the right to require photo identification from any individual attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  9. Individuals may not provide alcoholic beverages to minors (under 21 years of age).
  10. The Committee reserves the right to close the festival for public safety reasons.
  11. Approved vendors must abide the rules listed herein as well as other regulations stipulated in the vendor application packet.
Source: germantownoktoberfest.org
Oktoberfest in Germantown
Oktoberfest in Germantown
Oktoberfest Germantown, MD
Oktoberfest Germantown, MD
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