Oktoberfest Lederhosen for Sale

November 24, 2016

German Lederhosen: Short Pants

Wiesnkoenig Tegernsee German Leather Bundhosen PantHistory of Lederhosen

Lederhosen used to be worn for physical labor because of their durability. Basically a pair of leather shorts with attached suspenders, Lederhosen are mostly worn today as leisurewear. At Oktoberfest they are the standard and they are a must for any Oktoberfest enthusiast planning a trip to the festival in Munich.

Don't go to Oktoberfest without Authentic Lederhosen

Wiesnkonig is the only company authorized to produce the official Oktoberfest Lederhosen, so when you shop our selection of Wiesnkonig you know you are buying the most authentic hand-stitched German Lederhosen available.

Wiesnkonig Official Oktoberfest Bundhosen PantDirect from Germany

Our authentic lederhosen are direct from Germany so you can celebrate Oktoberfest in true authentic fashion. The Wiesnkonig brand is the only in Germany granted rights by the office of tourism in Munich to produce official Oktoberfest lederhosen and bundhosen. Each pair features the official logo on the right leg, "Oktoberfest Munchen" across the front flap, and fine Bavarian themed embroidered stitching by Stockerpoint of Germany. You will not regret making an investment that will last for many Oktoberfest festivals to come.

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$ 271.95 $ 59.99

$ 296.95 $ 59.95

Wiesnkonig Official Oktoberfest Bundhosen Pant Product ID: 111-03-A01A

The official Oktoberfest bundhosen by Wiesnkonig are made of soft goat suede leather. Get ready for Oktoberfest with these high quality and authentic suede bundhosen imported from Germany!

Source: www.oktoberfesthaus.com
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