Oktoberfest Minnesota

June 15, 2015

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Celebrate Oktoberfest by strolling through German vendors, artisans, restaurants and more in our new Bavarian Village! Learn more about German culture from local clubs and organizations.

Homebrew Competition

Join the Minnesota Homebrew Association as beers from across the nation compete for the Byggvir's Big Beer Cup this weekend only! The competition embraces historically accurate beers, meads, and ciders.

Dachshund Races

Watch the tiny dachshunds test their legs and speed against other pups and win fun prizes from the Festival and Long Dog Apparel! We highly encourage pre-registration for the race to secure a spot & to receive a free adult admission ticket & free gift from Long Dog Apparel! Fill out the registration from for your dog for the races or you can enter your pup day of!

Traditional German Music & Dancing

The Flemming Fold, Alpensterne & Bavarian Musikmeisters performing daily at the Festival

Stein Holding

Hold your stein for as long as you can! Stein will be filled with water and contestants must hold with arm fully extended perpendicular to your body. Competitions held daily at 2:00pm on Shepherd's Green.

Keg Toss

Is just that, pick up an empty keg and toss it as far as you can!
The individuals with the longest throws win. Competitions held daily at 3:30pm on Shepherd's Green.


Take your best shot at the challenging and favorite Oktoberfest game! Patrons can battle one another by using a wedge-shaped hammer to hit a nail into a tree stump.

Bier Pong

Grab a beer and a partner to compete in the Bier Pong Tournaments in Shepherd's Green. Sign up is free and will take place 15 minutes prior to the tournaments in the field. Come win some prizes just by drinking beer!

Lederhosen & Drindl Costume Contest

Best Beard Competition

Patrons proud of their finely trimmed and manicured beards can enter into the new Beard Competition!
The most appealing beards will win prizes for the following categories:

• Longest Beard
• Grizzliest (Fullest) Beard
• Most Unique Beard
• Best Mustache
• Best Trimmed Beard

Sauerkraut Eating Contest

All patrons fit for the challange can fill their belly with a German favorite

Source: www.renaissancefest.com
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