Muenster Texas Oktoberfest

January 8, 2016


Accordion, vocals, yodeling, singing saw, Alphorn (Ricola!): Ross is one of the most talented and dynamic German folk accordionists in Texas. He is a Houstonian born from German descent who studied accordion under Lynlee Alley, Steve Habemacher, Terry Cavanagh, and Bill Palmer. He majored in music (with a minor in voice) at the University of Missouri at Kansas City under Joan Cochran Sommers, graduating in 2000. He toured Europe several times with the UMKC accordion orchestra, and sang in Carnegie Hall. He speaks some German, and when he sings, the ladies swoon. He plays two different accordions in the shows; An acoustic accordion full of reed blocks for a truly traditional sound, and a Roland V Accordion (all digital) adding a wide range of instrumental sounds and styles to the show. Before forming the band, Ross played solo at private parties and German club events.

RossaccordionTuned Austrian cowbells, vocals, yodeling, Autoharp, Holzernes G'lachter (Bavarian xylophone), Boombas (drum set on schtick), Washboard, and a collection of other percussive toys: Valina is high energy and very enthusiastic about the folk music she sings and plays. She is a Houstonian born of Dutch / German descent, has 40 years experience performing on the stage for audiences of all types, speaks Dutch, some German, and can do a rowdy German accent. She fronts for the band, invites guests to play cowbells, sing along, and leads audiences with folk dance instructions.

Her vocals have been described as "effervescent". Before forming the band, she performed with Terry Cavanagh and the Alpine Express (where she earned the nick-name "ricochet"), rabble roused at German themed corporate events, and worked as emcee for several German festivals beginning in 1998. Valina still emcees for the Addison Oktoberfest, The Tomball German Heritage Festival, Tomball German Christmas Market, and the Galveston Oktoberfest. Drums: Eric Miculka started filling in with the band in 2011, and... See also:
Germanfest Muenster, Texas April 24-26 2015
Germanfest Muenster, Texas April 24-26 2015
2nd Annual Oktoberfest - Muenster, Texas
2nd Annual Oktoberfest - Muenster, Texas
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